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Welcome to Get that Gadget. Where we specialise in providing the best value Smart TV boxes that are personally loaded with a customised build of your choice. We also provide gadgets and electronic items that you will love. From Gadgets that are innovative and helpful, to the ones that will bring a smile to your face. Have a look around to find something for you!


Android TV Box

Android TV Boxes

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No fees, no subscriptions and no satellites. Watch all the channels and any film on demand. The number 1 site for your fully updated AndroidTV box!

We've been using and researching Android TV Boxes since Google TV changed to Android TV so we now have the perfect set up and add-ons for each box. We've made videos for each box showing its functions, features and qualities, so you can see for yourself and choose the right Android box for you.

Our experience with these devices allows us to source only the best quality and value boxes from trusted suppliers for you. We pride ourselves on the high level of customer service and guaranteed products. We are always here to answer any questions you may have! There is no other seller of these boxes that provides custom builds for there customers. In fact most other sellers just send them straight out to you without checking or updating the box leaving you with a box that buffers, has dead links and obsolete apps!

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Bluetooth Smart Watches

The Bluetooth Smart Watch and Wearable technology is here to stay!

Our range of stylish yet affordable range of watches offer the best value in Ireland.

Packed with cool features and beautifully designed


Don't be the last to catch on!


Browse our selection of Bluetooth Smart Watches.

Bluetooth Smart Watches (4 items)

Camera Drones

Latest Camera Drones for sale in Ireland!

The popularity of Camera drones in Ireland keeps expanding at a phenomenol rate. We love flying drones which is why we have the knowledge to buy the best drones to supply quality easy to fly rc drones for anyone looking to experience the feeling of having an eye in the sky. Best value camera drones for sale in Ireland. Fun and easy to fly these are the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. From the worlds smallest drone to a full first person viewer with built in screen on transmitter. We've picked the perfect range for you to choose from.

We cater for aptitude and budget.

 The best quality camera drones for sale from an Irish supplier!

We always recoomend flying your camera drone or quadcopter in an open space away from obstacles and where your flying does not interfere or bother other members of the public.

  • Try using a GAA pitch or field for your first flight with your camera drone.


  • Practice flying it close to where your standing until you get used to the basic handling of it.


  • Do not instantly propel it to dizzying heights as you will surely want to the minute get a hold of the controller!


  • Read the instruction manual carefully before use


  • Always be prepared to kill the power to the propellors if drone accidentally crash lands or gets caught in a tree or bush. Not killing power when the propellors are jammed against an immovable object will damage or burn out the replaceable motors.


Following this simple advice will make sure you get total enjoyment from the latest

Best value Camera drones for sale in Ireland!



Camera Drones (8 items)

Outdoor, Security, Spy Cams, GPS trackers
From car dash cams, spy cameras, night vison goggles survival tools and outdoor gadgets.

Outdoor, Security, Spy Cams, GPS trackers (9 items)

Phone Accessories
The best smartphone accessories! From Powerbank Battery Boosters to Zoom lenses and Screen Protectors. Pimp your phone with the latest gadgets and accessories!

Phone Accessories (5 items)

Virtual Reality Headset Ireland

Virtual Reality headset glasses?

What there is to know!

Well they are the fastest growing Tech Gadget of the decade. These will be huge this year! Everyone has by now heard of the stunning breakthrough in VR software and applications in the last decade and when you try these out you will be in no doubt that the future is now. From DIY Google Cardboard kits to high spec virtual reality headset glasses in stock. You're sure to finset VR glasses the perfect gadget or gift. With thousands of free apps available to download to your smartphone you'll be spoiled for choice as you immerse yourself into the matrix of Virtual reality headset  glasses.

Compatible with almost any smartphone these virtual reality headsets can let you see and experience things and sensations as if you were really there. Imagine swimming underwater surrounded by the most beautiful coral and fish on the Great Barrier Reef and next to find yourself in the middle of a horror movie where no matter how logically minded you think you are you cannot help to become immersed in your virtual surroundings.

This is a fast moving are of technology that will become mainstream in the very near future. There are studies already to produce software apps to allow nearly all proffessions to take part in training. It is going to be one of the most talked about advances in technology in the coming score of years.

But reading about these or watching a video about VR headsets will not do it justice. These are an item that cannot be understood until they have been tried first hand!

We offer virtual reality headsets for all budgets, be it beginners to the more experienced of users. With prices of our DIY Google CardBoard Virtual Reality headsets starting at just €9.99 making our collection of Virtual reality headsets

inclusive for everyone despite their budget!

Virtual Reality Headset Ireland (5 items)

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