Android TV Box

Ok! So if your not fully up to date on Android TV boxes and their vast functions and capabilities then here are some of the basics.

An Android TV Box is a small device, you can call it a mini computer. It runs on the Android operating system the same as Samsung Smart phone for instance. It easily connects to your TV through the HDMI. You then connect it to the internet and your good to go. The picture below shows just how easy it is to set up.


What can they do and why should I buy one?

Our AndroidTV boxes can transform any TV into a Smart TV, but not just your average Smart TV! These are powerful devices capable of running hundreds of apps and extras to your TV screen. The most basic apps you could use are Google to surf the net, login to your Facebook and other social media. 


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The huge popularity of the smart tv box though are due to the special software that we load that allows you to watch any TV Channel you can imagine!  That means all the sports channels along with you discovery channels and your basic terrestrial Irish and UK channels. 


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